Organizational Activities

Organizational Activities

House based Management

All the students have been organized into four different houses so that they can develop a sense of belonging and competitive skills.Housewise participation in cultural and literary competitions and in games & sports lead to optimum achievements.The following are  the four houses:

House Names





Birshreshtha Captain Mohiuddin Jahangir House

Work is power  

Sky Blue

Birshreshtha Flight lt. Motiur Rahaman House

Life is full of activities


Birshreshtha Sepoy Hamidur Rahaman House

Know thyself


Birshreshtha Sepoy Mostafa Kamal House

Knowledge is power

Golden Yellow

House Activities: 
In each house there are a housemaster, four teachers under the housemaster, a prefect, an assistant prefect, a cultural prefect, an assistant cultural prefect, a sports prefect and an assistant prefect on behalf of the students. According to the academic schedule, literary, cultural and sports practices are regularly held. These activities are as follows :  

1. House Assembly: House Assembly is held one day in a week 

2. Inter house Literary and cultural Competition: In accordance with the academic calendar, recitation from the Holy Quran, Bangla and English poem recitation, Bangla and English Extempore speech, debate and set speech, general knowledge, music competition, dance, wall-Magazine publication etc. are arranged. 

3. Inter House Sports Competition: Sports are held once in a year. Outdoor games like Football, Cricket, Kabadi ,Volleyball, Handball, etc.  are also  held.