Rules & Regulations

The following acts shall amount to violation of discipline:- 

1. Violating any rule of this institution. 
2. Adopting unfair means in the exams or in the class tests.
3. Indecent comments about the teachers and students or throwing any object to harm anybody / anything.
4. Scribbling on the bench, chair, table,desk, blackboard, wall or in the toilet etc.
5. Lodging complaints in a body. But it may be done with the help of class teacher, house tutor or prefect. 
6. Entering classrooms not earmarked for the students of a certain class.
7. Causing damage to property or asset of this institution.
8. Grabbing bags,exercise books and any other materials of other students without their permission. 
9. Not showing respect to teachers, BGB officers and staff, guardians, or senior students. 
10. Not maintaining proper and reasonable distance among the male and female students. 
11. Carrying any unnecessary books, leaflets,CD,mobile,MP3 player etc. 
12. Carrying and keeping sports materials, wearing unauthorized dresses, caps, and ornaments etc.
13. Violating orders of any teacher.
14. Abstaining from any class or exam willingly .