BNMPC Transport

BNMPC Transport

The following complience is necessary for availing the transport service :

Permission for a seat in the bus

* Collection of  form from the office 

* Bus fare per month: Civil TK 2200/= BGB TK.1100/= 

* Payment of monthly bus fare is mandatory just after the date at which  the permission for movement is granted 

* Submission of application at least 15 days ahead of cancellation of  permission 

* No fare is to be charged after cancellation of permissiom

* Notice of permission or withdrawal of permission will be served in the class and the students should note it down 

* Bus route information will be displayed on the notice board 

* Only those who reside adjacent to the bus route are eligible to apply for school bus. 

* If the permission for bus is granted before the 15th of a month, a student is to pay the total bus fare of a month; On the other hand, if the permission is granted after the 15th of a month,a student is to pay half bus fare

* Permission for bus is not given if there is no vacancy of seats.