Principal Message

It is my pleasure to acknowledge the fact that Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College has been arduously operating its website since 2007 and is being updated as per the demand of time. A website is, in fact, the window of information of an institution through which the authority, teachers, students, guardians and all other concerned stay close at hand. The vision of digitalization has got a momentum in this institution through developing and functioning of the website. I believe this website will meet the demand of all concerned people regarding the information pertaining to the institution and its activities. In this regard, I am highly obliged to the Chief Patron Major General Md. Shafeenul Islam, BGBM (BAR), ndc, psc  and the Chairman of the Governing Body Brigadier General Benazir Ahmed, BGBMS, afwc, psc for encouraging and facilitating the smooth functioning of this institution. My wholehearted thanks will always accompany the persons related to the developing and operating of this website.

Lt Col Md Abu Sayed, PhD, AEC
Birshreshtha Noor Mohammad Public College